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Press Release - January 14, 2006

For more information,
            Axiomatic Design Software: Al Hamilton, Marketing, 617-746-9222

General Dynamics Land Systems Chooses Acclaro® DFSS

Brighton, MA, Jan 14, 2006 - Axiomatic Design Solutions, Inc. (ADSI) announces that General Dynamics Land Systems, Sterling Heights, MI, choose Acclaro DFSS as its Design for Six Sigma toolkit to deploy to over 350 users.

Acclaro DFSS software implements axiomatic design technology for product and systems development with a complete suite of DFSS tools to reduce development risk, cost and speed time to market by:

  • Capturing, analyzing and decomposing the voice of the customer (VOC), key functions and requirements defining success
  • Formalizing the conceptual design process into a continuous and measurable functional requirements driven activity
  • Integrating the Axiomatic Design Quality framework into DFSS quality processes including QFD, FMEA, TRIZ and DSM.
  • Permitting design architectures and potential late stage design issues to be improved by analysis without the cost of design-build-test-redesign cycles
  • Providing explicit traceability from Customer Needs to Requirements to Design Logic to Design.
  • Clearly documenting and communicating the logical 'How and why' of design intent, not just the 'What' of CAD documentation.

According to Matt Pallaver, CEO, "We have been working with General Dynamics for some time and are pleased that Acclaro DFSS met their needs for an integrated solution for their design for six sigma processes."

Acclaro DFSS retails for $1,295 with both academic and quantity discounts available.

About Axiomatic Design Solutions, Inc.

Axiomatic Design Solutions works with the management of leading companies to create better Design For Six Sigma (DFSS) Processes. Using MIT's remarkable Axiomatic Design technology, we provide a pre-emptive process framework that enables robust design for organizations, systems and products at the critical early phase of development, design synthesis. Our services and solutions permit organizations to "Get it right" the first time. The more complex the task, the more impact our technology has in reducing development risk, costs and time to market.

If it's not Axiomatic, it's not DFSS.

For more information, visit or call 617-746-9222.

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