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Press Release - March 3, 2003

For more information,
Axiomatic Design Software: Matt Pallaver, Marketing, 617-746-9222

Improved Product Development Processes with Axiomatic Design Technology

Boston, MA. Axiomatic Design Software announces Acclaro Designer v2 software for axiomatic design processes.

Acclaro Designer software implements axiomatic design technology to reduce development risk, reduce cost and speed time to market by:

  • Formalizing the design process into a continuous and measurable activity
  • Communicating the state of the design to all stakeholders at the earliest possible moment, well before traditional CAD documentation efforts.
  • Permitting design architectures to be improved by analysis
  • Permitting potential late stage design issues to be identified early and resolved without the cost of design-build-test-redesign cycles
  • Providing explicit traceability from Customer Needs to Requirements to Design Logic to Design.
  • Clearly documenting and communicating the logical 'How and why' of a design, not just the 'What' of CAD documentation.

Compatible with Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP a single license sells for $9,850.

See\acclarodesigner to learn more on implementing world class design processes with Acclaro Designer.

About Axiomatic Design Technology

Developed at MIT and awarded Industry Week's Technology of the Year award, axiomatic design technology opens a window of transparency into early critical design processes creating new standards for development process technology

Competition, shortening product life cycles and ever increasing product complexity has made the product development phase increasingly critical to corporate success. To get it right the first time, your customers, internal and external, are demanding new levels of product development processes to meet tighter requirements, contain costs and improve delivery.

With axiomatic design methods, you can break the cycles of costly design-build-test-redesign that create cost overruns, poor reliability and delivery delays. Demonstrate to your clients your ability to develop design architectures to visualize, analyze and communicate new designs BEFORE committing to the costs and time of creating and building documentation or products. Development teams with leading edge technology are gaining a competitive advantage, and in a winner take all world, you can't afford to be second best.

About Axiomatic Design Software

Axiomatic Design Software provides infrastructure products and services that enable companies to achieve state of the art design and implementation processes in mechanical, systems and software development. Axiomatic Design is applying axiomatic design technology under license from MIT. For more information see

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