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Press Release - April, 8 2005

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Axiomatic Design Software: Al Hamilton, Marketing, 617-746-9222

On-Line eTraining Course Eases Axiomatic Design Training

Brighton, MA, April 8, 2005 - Axiomatic Design Solutions announces the availability of an on-line Introduction to Axiomatic Design featuring asynchronous learning with a personal instructor. The eTraining course uses technology already commonly available on professionals' desktops: a computer with internet connection, a web browser and an internet news reader.

Introduction to Axiomatic Design is taught over a four-day period, with students participating at their convenience-- regardless of location-- in study sessions of approximately two hours per day. The course teaches the principles of Axiomatic Design which originated from Dr. Nam P. Suh, former Chair of the Mechanical Engineering Department of MIT. The course instructors are ADSI professionals with hands-on experience in applying axiomatic design.

With this eTraining method, any individual or business can learn the fundamentals of sound design practice for their products, services, or business initiatives, with unprecedented levels of efficiency and effectiveness. "Axiomatic Design has been discovered as the clear foundation for a rational approach to the design process," according to Kayvan Hedayat, Six Sigma Master Black Belt and Director of Advanced Technology at Stoneridge Corporation. "This course gives us the ability to put this powerful approach directly in the hands of our engineers, marketing staff, and others involved in design."

The online eTraining environment functions like a classroom. A professor hosts the class and delivers the daily multimedia presentations that include professional quality graphics, animation, movies and illustrations. Students are encouraged to participate in email based interactions with the instructor and other students, creating an opportunity to discuss relevant experiences with other design and quality practitioners from other organizations.

Introduction to Axiomatic Design is priced at $495 per student, including all materials and instruction. For more information, go to:

About Axiomatic Design Solutions, Inc.

Axiomatic Design Solutions works with the management of leading companies and to create better Design For Six Sigma (DFSS) Processes. Using MIT's remarkable Axiomatic Design technology, we provide a pre-emptive process framework that enables robust design for organizations, systems and products at the critical early phase of development, design synthesis. Our services and solutions permit organizations to "Get it right" the first time. The more complex the task, the more impact our technology has in reducing development risk, costs and time to market. If it's not Axiomatic, it's not DFSS. For more information, visit or call 617-746-9222.

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