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Press Release - April 29, 2011

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Best Paper Awards Announced at ICAD 2011 Axiomatic Design Conference

Brighton, MA, - Axiomatic Design Solutions, Inc. announces the winners of the Best Paper awards at the sixth International Conference on Axiomatic Design. ICAD 2011 was held on March 30-31 in Daejon, Korea at KAIST Business School. The ICAD is held every two years.

Grand Prize:
"Axiomatic Design of an Impact Resistance System for LNG Containment Ships." By Ki-Hyun Kim, Byung Chul Kim, Bu Gi Kim, and Dai Gil Lee
Prize Courtesy of MIT Park Center for Complex Systems

Best Overall Paper Award:
"Modular Design Method Using the Independence Axiom and Design Structure Matrix in the Conceptual and Detailed Design Stage" by Eul-Pyo Hong and Gyung-Jin Park.
Prize Courtesy of Axiomatic Design Solutions, Inc.

Best Paper on Applying AD to Software Development:
"Managing Intra-Class Complexity with Axiomatic Design and Design Structure Matrix Approaches" by Zhen Li and Derrick Tate.
Prize Courtesy of Axiomatic Design Solutions, Inc.

Best Paper on AD for Business Applications:
"Designing the Design of New Businesses for Raising Venture Capital"
By Joao Patricio dos Santos, Antonio Goncalves-Coelho and Antonio Mourao
Prize Courtesy of KAIST Business School

About Axiomatic Design Solutions, Inc.
Axiomatic Design Solutions works with the management of leading companies to create better Design and Design for Six Sigma (DFSS) Processes. Using MIT's remarkable Axiomatic Design technology, we provide a pre-emptive quality process framework that enables robust design for services, systems and products at the critical early phase of development, design synthesis. Our services and software solutions permit organizations to "Get it right" the first time. The more complex the task, the more impact our technology has in reducing development risk, costs and time to market.

If it's not Axiomatic, it's not DFSS.

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