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Press Release - May 12, 2004

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Axiomatic Design Solutions, Inc. (ADSI) Sponsors the 3rd Biannual ICAD 2004 Conference in Seoul

Brighton, MA, May 12, 2004 - Axiomatic Design Solutions, Inc. (ADSI) will sponsor the third biannual ICAD 2004 conference in Seoul, Korea. The International Conference on Axiomatic Design will be held from June 21 to 24th, with over 300 attendees expected from 12 countries. So far, 51 conference papers have been submitted for presentation.

Axiomatic Design and its applications will be the main theme of the conference. As a design framework, the theory of Axiomatic Design was created by Professor N.P. Suh of MIT and his speech will be one of three keynote speeches given at the opening general session. Fifteen plenary sessions will meet on the following topics: the fundamentals of Axiomatic Design, robust design, the axiomatic design and processes with industrial and software applications, and Axiomatic Design in educational and training environments.

Highlights of some of the conference papers that will be presented are:

  • Determination of complexity in an engineering innovation process
  • Axiomatic approach for stress relaxation in automotive multi-shell-structures
  • Software product lifecycle management using axiomatic approach
  • A rational procedure to select a metrological system for mechanical parts inspection
  • Development of systemic quality management model using the axiomatic design framework
  • New formulations of design optimization for six-sigma, reliability and robustness
  • Axiomatic design of a concept of car-platform for an electrical rear-wheel drive vehicle : a comparison with a fuzzy approach
  • An exploratory study for cost engineering in axiomatic design: creation of the cost model based on an FR-DP map
  • Design for micro-stereolithography using axiomatic approach

Developed at MIT and awarded Industry Week's Technology of the Year award, Axiomatic Design (AD) enables the efficient and systematic development of complex systems and products by reducing the repetition in the typical engineering "design-build-test-redesign-build-test" cycle. Axiomatic design shortens the product development effort and cost by helping designers and engineers be more innovative and work as better teams. The more complex a product or system is, the more impact Axiomatic Design technology has in reducing development risk, costs and lead times.

The International Conference on Axiomatic Design (ICAD) has been held every two years since 2000.


Axiomatic Design Solutions works with the management of leading companies and institutions on Axiomatic Design technology. ADSI provides services and tools to enable advanced design processes and risk management for systems and products.

For more information, visit or call 617-746-9222.

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