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Press Release - July 25, 2002

Acclaro Scheduler for Rational Rose® provides developers with impact assessment of new features and intelligent work plans

Boston, MA. Axiomatic Design Software announces Acclaro Scheduler® for Rational Rose®. Acclaro Scheduler was created to help developers manage the implementation of new features or changing requirements into a software code base. Integrated into Rational Rose, the award winning Visual Design and Development tool from Rational Software, Acclaro Scheduler enables users to manage the assessment and implementation of new features or changing requirements, either in new development or legacy code. To minimize work effort and speed time to market, users can:

  • Assess the impact of changing designs
  • Determine the scope of code affected by the changes
  • Estimate the development effort to implement these changes
  • Identify where to begin in coding the changes
  • Generate optimal coding and testing work plans

The heart of the Acclaro Scheduler is a sophisticated, patented design analysis technique, based on axiomatic design technology, developed at MIT, and awarded Industry Week's Technology of the Year Award. David Abelow, Director of Segment and Alliance Marketing at Rational Software said, "We are pleased that Axiomatic Design Software has chosen to integrate its impressive technology into Rational Rose. Acclaro Scheduler extends a development teams' ability to respond to changes, further breaking down the barriers that they encounter in developing their products."

Accessed from within Rational Rose, Acclaro Scheduler allows developers to instantly analyze new designs or changes to UML models to assess the required effort and plan the most efficient implementation and test work plans.

Originally developed with software architects and designers in mind, the software's applicability extends to other stakeholders as well. Chris Arangio, Axiomatic's CTO notes, "Acclaro Scheduler provides an analysis based approach to optimizing design responses to new features or changing requirements. We had anticipated that these features would create value for software architects and development managers, but were thrilled to find that project managers, testers and other members of development teams have found real value as well.

In addition, Acclaro Scheduler will identify circular dependencies (the coupling of components) that complicate implementation, and output to Microsoft Project™ to simplify scheduling for project managers. Best of all, Acclaro Scheduler is packaged the way developers want to work: no proprietary interfaces, no complex methodologies or cumbersome features to learn. Visit for a demo.

About Axiomatic Design Software

Axiomatic Design Software provides infrastructure products and services that enable companies to achieve state of the art design and implementation processes in software development. Axiomatic Design is applying axiomatic design technology under license from MIT. Axiomatic Design is a member of Rational Software's Unified Partner Program. Founded in 1998, Axiomatic Design is a private company. For more information see

About the Rational Unified Partner Program

Rational Software Corporation provides a platform for software development that speeds time-to-market while improving software quality. This integrated, full-lifecycle solution combines software engineering best practices, market-leading tools, and professional services to help organizations develop and deploy software. The Rational Unified Partner Program supports over 500 participating partners with tools, joint marketing opportunities, qualifications and training, to round out this open platform. The Rational Unified Partner Program ensures that our partner products and services meet the high standards that customers have come to expect from Rational. Companies and individual technology consultants interested in learning more about the Rational Unified Partner Program, including details on how to participate, can visit

For more information,
           Axiomatic Design Software: Matt Pallaver, Marketing, 617-746-9222

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