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Press Release - August 16, 2004

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Axiomatic Design is Required for ASQ Black Belt Certification

Brighton, MA, August 16, 2004 - Professionals training for a Six Sigma black belt will encounter questions about the Axiomatic Design process if they take the certification exam of the American Society of Quality (ASQ). Axiomatic Design is now one of the processes black belts are expected to know as part of ASQ's Six Sigma Body of Knowledge. Axiomatic Design is a required knowledge area in the Design for Six Sigma (DFSS) section, which includes other DFSS tools like QFD, Robust Design, TRIZ and FMEA.

Similarly, the importance of Axiomatic Design is growing and is also being touted as a framework partner for DFSS in Drs. Kai Yang and Basem El-Haik's treatise: Design for Six Sigma: A Roadmap for Product Development. Dr. Michael Slocum, VP at the Breakthrough Management Group and editor of the TRIZ journal, says "...This text is the culmination and integration of several important areas of research. The integration of Axiomatic Design into most of the topics is a highlight of the text... ."

Axiomatic Design is a process and a framework that brings a quality model to the earliest phases of the design process, requirements capture, analysis and solution synthesis. When used by designers, Axiomatic Design technology permits teams to "Get it Right" the first time, without the costs and delays of iterative design-document-build-test-evaluate cycles.

About Axiomatic Design Solutions, Inc. (ADSI)

Axiomatic Design Solutions helps the management of leading companies and institutions improve the performance of their design and development operations. With training, coaching and software solutions, ADSI enables robust design processes and risk management for systems and products at the critical early phase of development, design synthesis.

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