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Installed AHP Solution

Need to conduct surveys and assess priorities using the Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) pair wise comparison technique at your premises?

Axiomatic Design's AHP solution is available for installation on your servers. The system requires a Windows ASP.NET/MSSQL hosting platform. Please contact us for license and pricing information.


  • 1) Manage unlimited survey jobs and unlimited email lists of survey respondents.


  • 2) Customize jobs with your own list of items to be prioritized, welcome text, email message, and survey instructions.


  • 3) Send out email announcements and reminders. Participants take the survey on your website.


  • 4) Generate an Excel report for selected users or all users, including access to raw data, calculations, and priority ranking summary results.


Please contact us to receive additional information about this AHP installed solution.

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