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American Supplier Institute

American Supplier Institute
38705 Seven Mile Road
Suite 345, Livonia
MI 48152
Phone: (734)464-1395/800-462-4500
Fax: (734)464-1399

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American Supplier Institute (ASI) aims to achieve high standards in Quality, Productivity & Cost Effectiveness.

ASI began its journey in May 1981 providing supplier training to the automotive industry. From statistical thinking based on ideas of Dr. Deming to the Japanese techniques of quality management, ASI has expanded its scope with ingenuity and innovativeness. Pioneers in the Taguchi Methods & Quality Function Deployment today ASI is a leader in the development of Total Quality Management implementation, not only for business and industry, but for health care, food processing, and education as well.

ASI's introduction of innovation and inventive creativity to a broad spectrum of American Industry increased dramatically through the use of TRIZ/TIPS methods. Appropriate implementation of these techniques aided companies to improve their competitive position.

Headed by legends in fields such as Quality, Strategy, Training, Process Optimisation, ASI envisions a culture of excellence & perseverance to achieve that excellence. Dr. Genichi Taguchi, Founder of Taguchi Methods, arguably the greatest living legend in the field of quality, Subir Chowdhury, the chairman and CEO of ASI Consulting Group, expert in Six Sigma leadership and quality strategy are two such names on which the ASI stands.

Solutions and Services

ASI prides itself on introducing practices to the industry which enhance productivity & quality. Practices like:

  • Harnessing the power of Six Sigma and DFSS requires the engagement and excitement of leaders at all levels of an organization. Six Sigma Leadership and Design for Six Sigma Leadership offer lean processes developed by the ASI team of Consultants
  • Six Sigma Leadership which offers lean processes developed by a team led by Subir Chowdhury and Noel Tichy
  • Robust Design which allows experiments to be performed and prototypes to be tested on multiple factors at once so that the product/process becomes insensitive to use-conditions and other uncontrollable factors
  • Quality Function Deployment, a systematic process that help companies quickly understand and integrate client's needs into their product or service
  • Robust Engineering, a creation of Dr. Genichi Taguchi defines and demonstrates how these new techniques can be applied to build flexibility into manufacturing organizations to minimize product development cost, reduce product time-to-market, and increase overall productivity
  • Taguchi Methods which allow a company to rapidly and accurately acquire technical information to design and produce low-cost, highly reliable products and processes
  • TRIZ based on inventive principles derived from the study of more than 1.5 million of the world's most innovative patents and inventions to systematically solve problems based on science and technology.

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Consultant and Integrator

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