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Automatic Design Laboratory

Automatic Design Laboratory [Korean language]
Hanyang University
Department of Mechanical Design
and Production Engineering
17, Haengdang-Dong, Sungdong-Gu,
Seoul 133-791, Korea

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The Automatic Design Laboratory (ADL) was founded by Professor Gyung-Jin Park in 1989. Professor Park has been working on development of design methodologies for practical use. Graduates from Professor Park are currently working for various CAD and CAE companies, research institutes and universities.

Solutions and Services

ADL performs basic research in design. Currently, the topics of research are Multidisciplinary Design Optimization (MDO), Robust Design and Axiomatic Design. Various analysis tools such as finite element method, dynamics, etc. are utilized during the development of the design methodologies.

Type of Partnership

Consultant and Integrator

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