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Sustainable Innovative Solutions

Sustainable Innovative Solutions Ltd.
P.O. Box 20-452, Bishopdale
Christchurch 8543, New Zealand
Dr. Iain Sanders, Chief Executive
Tel / Fax: +64 3 359 2151

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Sustainable Innovative Solutions Limited enables businesses to compete in a dynamic, innovative, continuously evolving technology-intensive marketplace where accelerated adoption of the latest ideas & inventions is the norm.

S.I.S. VISION: "Unlocking untapped business potential to generate wealth & continuous value creation for sustainable competitive advantage."


Knowledge-worker productivity is driving unprecedented growth & expansion of intellectual and social capital in the 21st Century for commercial profit & market expansion.

Analytical and knowledge-based tools are supporting productivity gains of an order of magnitude by facilitating strategic, accelerated, systematic innovation in new product development.

Strategic, accelerated, systematic innovation is creating a level playing-field for anyone, anywhere to realize an idea's potential to create a sustainable competitive advantage.

"The world is coming to get us, unless we go and get it first"
- Dr. Iain Sanders, Chief Executive, SIS Ltd.

Solutions and Services

Sustainable Innovative Solutions Limited is a Technology Management Consultancy, providing project management, consulting, coaching, workshop facilitation & training services for technology planning, assessment, development and commercialization.

Technology Planning: Strategic planning for R&D and new / improved product development process management.

Technology Assessment: Evaluation of scientific and technological capabilities.

Technology Development: Inventive concept generation (Strategic TRIZ) and technical problem-solving (Tactical TRIZ), Design for Six Sigma (DFSS) and Stage-Gate product development and Portfolio Management.

Technology Commercialization: IP valuation and market analysis for identifying, evaluating and developing new product commercialization opportunities.

Sustainable Innovative Solutions Limited provides intellectual asset capture, management and development, from systematic idea conception to commercialization.

S.I.S. MISSION: "Business transformation for export growth by an order of magnitude: through systematic product innovation, delivering sustainable competitive solutions, facilitated by critical, constructive and creative thinking methods, using analytical and knowledge-based tools".

Our analytical and knowledge-based tools empower individuals and organizations to think more effectively for themselves and make better decisions, by creating solutions that fit prescribed needs, instead of fitting needs around prescribed solutions. SIS Ltd. trains groups and individuals "how to fish" for themselves and catch bigger and better fish.

Organizations Worked With:

Dr. Iain Sanders has worked with: Industrial Research (NZ), Meridian Energy (NZ), Orion Networks (NZ), MainPower (NZ), Eastland Networks (NZ), Rocky Mountain Institute (US), Broken Hill Proprietary (AU), European Commission (Belgium), General Cable (NZ), Centre for Exploitation of Science & Technology (UK), Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) (US & NZ), Dept. Trade & Industry (UK), Design Council (UK), Mitsubishi Research Institute (UK), Tokyo Electric Power Co. (Japan), and Canterprise (NZ).

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