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Smarter Solutions, Inc

Smarter Solutions, Inc.
11044 Research Blvd. Suite B-400
Austin, Texas 78759
Phone: 512.918.0280
Fax: 512.996.8318

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We've simplified the complexities of Lean Six Sigma

Specializing in coaching and consulting, we introduce to companies the next generation of Lean Six Sigma: Integrated Enterprise Excellence (IEE). With daily operations throughout the world, Smarter Solutions aspires to be the best world-class firm for designing and applying innovative enterprise-wide performance measures and business solutions.

Solutions and Services

Our Lean Six Sigma training courses utilize state-of-of-the-art instructional technology and engage students in the learning process through interactive exercises and group activities. Candidates leave class prepared to achieve the benefits of Lean Six Sigma for their organizations immediately and on a continual basis.

Executive Overview:

Lean Six Sigma is finally embarked upon in your company, and everyone is trying to make sense of defining what it truly encompasses, where to start in deployment, and how your company can fully benefit from it. Let our executive overviews be the catalyst to informing your executives about Lean Six Sigma history and how our Integrated Enterprise Excellence (IEE) system with next generation techniques can improve your bottom line.

  • Executive Briefing (2-hour/4-hour presentation)
  • The Eagles' View: Lean Six Sigma Executive Overview & Goal Setting
  • The Hawks' View: Beyond Lean Six Sigma and the Balanced Scorecard
  • The Champions' View: Lean Six Sigma Project Roles & Responsibilities

Training & Certification Overview:

In Jim Collin's book, From Good To Great, he refers to getting the 'right' people on the bus for success. Our training and certification curriculum's focal point is getting the 'right' people in your company to drive the Lean Six Sigma experience on an enterprise level. Our curriculum by far exceeds the average Lean Six Sigma industry curriculum. We offer an assortment of value-add training geared to provide the 'right' candidates with an arsenal of six sigma tools and education.

  • Master Black Belt
  • Black Belt
  • Green Belt
  • e-Learning
  • Design for Six Sigma (DFSS) Workshop
  • Lean Six Sigma Graduate Workshop

Coaching & Consulting Overview:

We're committed to your success from the start and have the capabilities to create the conditions for results. Smarter Solutions, Inc. helps with identifying strategic objectives, executing a strategic plan, and implementation planning. We focus on providing you with world-class coaching, and project consultation. We can help your organization transition effectively to a learning organization that has a dynamic, flexible and self-sustaining Six Sigma and Lean infrastructure.

Rent-A-Black-Belt Assistance (also can include Master Black Belt)

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