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SSI - Six Sigma & Innovation

SSI - Six Sigma & Innovation
Josef-Fehler-Str. 43
46397 Bocholt

Fon: +49 2871 2745565
Fax: +49 2871 2745564
Cell: +49 173 2856431

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SSI is delivering operational excellence, business improvement training and execution services. SSI focuses on deployment and the application of business process improvement tools and methodologies. SSI has the unique ability to engage and inspire senior leaders to change the organization using fact-based, data-driven methodologies. SSI has experience in developing and implementing process improvements and quality control systems in a range of industries like automotive, computer, telecommunications, electronic, consumer, cement and packaging. SSI is a recognized practitioner in the application of product and process improvements using Six Sigma DMAIC, Lean, "New Generation DFSS ®" methodologies and innovation tools "iTools ®.

Solutions and Services

Six Sigma, Lean and "New Generation Design for Six Sigma ®" (DFSS) Deployments
Six Sigma, Lean and "new Generation Design for Six Sigma ®" Trainings
Six Sigma, Lean and DFSS Project Execution Services
Training and Execution of Innovation Tools iTools ®

Type of Partnership

Consultant and Integrator

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