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Axiomatic Design and Fabrication of Composite Structures: Application in Robotics, machine tools and automobiles

The idea that materials can be designed to satisfy specific performance requirements is relatively new. With high-performance composites, however, the entire process of designing and fabricating a part can be worked out before manufacturing. The purpose of this book is to present an integrated approach to the design and manufacturing of products from advanced composites. It shows how the basic behavior of composites and their constitutive relationships can be used during the design stage, which minimizes the complexity of manufacturing composite parts and reduces the repetitive "design-build-test" cycle. Designing it right the first time is going to determine the competitiveness of a company, the reliability of the part, the robustness of fabrication processes, and ultimately, the cost and development time of composite parts. Most of all, it should expand the use of advanced composite parts in fields that use composites only to a limited extent at this time. To achieve these goals, this book presents the design and fabrication of novel composite parts made for machine tools and other applications like robots and automobiles.

This book is suitable as a textbook for graduate courses in the design and fabrication of composites. It will also be of interest to practicing engineers learning about composites and axiomatic design.

A CD-ROM is included in every copy of the book, containing Axiomatic CLPT software. This program, developed by the authors, will assist readers in calculating material properties from the microstructure of the composite.

This book is part of the Oxford Series on Advanced Manufacturing.

"As readers will be aware, there are numerous books on composite structures. However, what sets this book apart is that the subject is approached in a holistic manner by chronicling the concept/ design/ manufacturing/ testing and finally implementation of a number of composite parts from diverse industries and technical requirements. ... The book is well written and deserves to find a home in academia and industry." --Journal of Composite Structures

Product Details

Hardcover: 728 pages; 403 halftones & line illus.; 7 x 10;
Publisher: Oxford University Press (November, 2005)
ISBN13: 978-0-19-517877-7
ISBN10: 0-19-517877-7

About the Authors

Dai Gil Lee is Professor of Mechanical Engineering at Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology. He is also a Vice President of Korea Society of Composite Materials and a Member of Korea Academy of Science and Technology.

Nam P. Suh is Ralph E. and Eloise F. Cross Professor of Mechanical Engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He is the author of Complexity: Theory and Applications (OUP, 2005), Axiomatic Design: Advances and Applications (OUP, 2001), and The Principles of Design (OUP, 1990), and coeditor of the MIT-Pappalardo Series in Mechanical Engineering and the Oxford Series on Advanced Manufacturing.

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