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Delivering Business Results

Functional Specs Inc. is a business and technology consultancy that delivers measurable business results and value to management through the application and support of axiomatic design methods as a fundamental process and product development framework.

We show management how to assess and mitigate project, process, strategy and business risk at the concept phase for critical business and product decisions.

Industry often categorizes us as lean Design For Six Sigma (DFSS) process technology. However, beyond other Six Sigma tools, our process technology can address pre-emptive quality at the earliest phases of the solution process: requirements analysis and solution synthesis.

Our solutions apply to business and product strategy in both service and product design industries. Our emphasis is on pre-emptive quality of solution architectures to avoid the traditional "Design it in - Test and Inspect it out" quality model that is responsible for so many project, process, strategy and product failures.

We enable management to 'Get it right the first time.'

We improve the performance of business and product design and development processes with the following services:

  • Existing project, process, strategy, product assessment
  • Process training
  • Process consulting
  • Analysis consulting (for business, transactional, product and system projects)

Use our services and technology to increase your effectiveness by implementing a DFSS quality framework to:

  • Shorten time-to-market
  • Avoid build-test-fail-redesign cycles
  • Provide metrics of process performance
  • Track and mitigate project and product risk

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