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Functional Analysis Mentoring

To help jump-start the process of analyzing and producing a functional specification in a timely manner, Functional Specs Inc proposes a limited support engagement with the following characteristics:

  • The project is new or a solution change in the first trimester of the project schedule
  • There is a team member assigned as the process champion. This person will become the process and software subject matter expert responsible for capturing a significant portion of the functional decomposition. This is not typically the project or lead engineer. This is typically a design engineer on the project.
  • We provide support to take the process champion quickly down the learning curve
  • We provide decomposition meeting mentoring, which are usually small groups of subject matter experts analyzing their relevant branch of the solution.
  • The production of the function specification is on a clear completion schedule with management commitment to be produced.

We support projects remotely via Webex or other similar net meeting connections. Our rates are billed at $250/hour active support.

Project mentoring and training rates are $1,850/ day plus travel expenses when on site is requested. There is a $1,500 per trip international travel surcharge.

To explore how Functional Specs Inc can help your projects take advantage of the insight generated by functional specifications, contact us.

Renewable Energy and Population Control Initiatives

We take on selected projects in renewable energy and population control pro bono. If you have product, process or business strategy designs in these areas, contact us. We can provide consulting and software to support your efforts. Contact us for more details.

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