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Technical Papers

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Software Design

  • Axiomatic Design - Advances and Applications (Chapter 5 - Axiomatic Design Software)
  • Integrating Software into Systems: An Axiomatic Design Approach
  • Hierarchical State Decomposition for the Design of PLC Software by Applying Axiomatic Design
  • Enhancing Object-Oriented Software Development Through Axiomatic Design
  • Object-Oriented Software Design With Axiomatic Design
  • Integration of Axiomatic Design and Project Planning
  • Software Product Lifecycle Management Using Axiomatic Approach
  • Software Development of a Sequential Algorithm With Orthogonal Arrays (Soa) Using Axiomatic Design
  • Towards a Rational Basis for User Interface Design Methods
  • Axiomatic design of software systems
  • Component Oriented Simulation Development with Axiomatic Design

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