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Technical Papers

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Systems Engineering

  • Command and Control in Axiomatic Design Theory: Its Role and Placement in the System Architecture
  • A Fractal Representation for Systems
  • System Architecture Template
  • Integrating Software into Systems: An Axiomatic Design Approach
  • A Roadmap for Decomposition: Activities, Theories, and Tools for System Design
  • System Definition for Axiomatic Design Aided by Object-Process Methodology
  • A Treatise On System Reliability and Design Complexity
  • Implementing Axiomatic Design in the Systems Engineering Process: An Axiomatic Design Capability Maturity Model
  • Concept Level Naval Surface Combatant Design in the Axiomatic Approach to Design Framework
  • Addressing Changing Customer Needs by Adapting Design Requirements
  • On Learning and Executing Axiomatic Design in the Enginnering Industry

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