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ICAD 2004

  • Connecting Customers in Axiomatic Design
  • A suggestion and a contribution for the improvement of Axiomatic Design
  • On Complexity and Uncertainty in a Manufacturing System Design Process
  • FR-Based Scheduling Using the Independence Axiom for Shortening Lead-Time of Mold Manufacturing
  • Axiomatic Design of a Wing Driving Mechanism for Micro Air Vehicle With Flapping Motion
  • The Analysis, Comparison, and Redesign of Cd-Case Using the Principles of Axiomatic Design
  • Axiomatic Approach for Stress Relaxation in Automotive Multi-Shell-Structures
  • New Formulations of Design Optimization New Formulations of Design Optimization for Six for Six-sigma, Reliability and Robustness sigma, Reliability and Robustness
  • Unifying Axiomatic Design and Robust Design Through the Transfer Function
  • Axiomatic Design Quality Engineering - A Transmission Planetary Case Study
  • The Method for Uncoupling Design by Contradiction Matrix of Triz, and Case Study
  • Axiomatic Design of a Concept of Car-Platform for an Electrical Rear-Wheel Drive Vehicle: A Comparison With a Fuzzy Approach
  • Software Product Lifecycle Management Using Axiomatic Approach
  • Software Development of a Sequential Algorithm With Orthogonal Arrays (Soa) Using Axiomatic Design
  • Directivity Pattern Optimization of Digital Hearing Aid by Boundary Element Method
  • Reliability Improvement of Car Sliding Door Using Axiomatic Approach
  • Axiomatic Design of Composite Hemispherical Bearing
  • A Study on Solving Multi-Group Classification Problems
  • Calculation of Information Content in Axiomatic Design
  • Towards a Rational Basis for User Interface Design Methods
  • Axiomatic Design of the Hybrid Composite Journal Bearing
  • On Foaming Process of Vulcanized Rubber Using Physical Blowing Agent
  • Developing a Formal Usability Analysis Method for Consumer Products
  • Development of Systemic Quality Management Model Using the Axiomatic Design Framework
  • A Decomposition Based Approach to Integrate Product Design and Manufacturing System Design
  • Axiomatic Design of Multi-Scale Systems
  • Multi-Attribute Material Handling Equipment Selection Using Information Axiom
  • Design Decoupling Method Based on Para-Complete Logics
  • Text and Illustration Based Senario Expressions for Conveying Failure Knowledge
  • Development of Engineering Education Course for Training Creative Engineers Using Axiomatic Design
  • On Learning and Executing Axiomatic Design in the Enginnering Industry
  • Case Study: Axiomatic Design of the Space Shuttle Wing - Leading Edge
  • Design for Micro-Stereolithography Using Axiomatic Approach
  • Axiomatic Design of Customizable Automotive Suspension
  • An Evolutionary Design of No Spin Differential Using the Axiomatic Approach -- Focusing on Better Steerability
  • Design Improvement in a Micro-Gripper System by Axiomatic Approach
  • Marine design application of design theory and methodology
  • A Rational Way to Select a Measuring System for Mechanical Parts Inspection
  • Axiomatic Approach in the Analysis of Data for Describing Complex Shapes
  • Integration of High-Level Design Information With Axiomatic Design Formulation
  • A Web-based Course for Practicing Engineers on Axiomatic Design Principles
  • Strategies for Axiomatic Design Education
  • Functional Requirements to Shape Generation in Cad: Database and Automatic Shape Assembly

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