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ICAD 2002

  • Axiomatic Design For Six Sigma
  • Axiomatic Design and TRIZ: Compatibilities and Contradictions
  • System Definition for Axiomatic Design Aided by Object-Process Methodology
  • Partitioning Tasks to Product Development Teams
  • Conceptual Design of Lean Production Systems Through An Axiomatic Design Approach
  • Supply Chain Design: An Application of Axiomatic Design
  • Multi-Viewpoint Modeling of the Innovation System - Using a Hermeneutic Method
  • Coupling In Design of Human Computer Interaction
  • Computer Aided Geometric Topology and Shape Design Within Axiomatic Design Framework
  • Geometrical Coupling Analysis in Assembly Design
  • Beyond the Hierarchy: System-Wide Rearrangement as a Tool to Eliminate Iteration
  • The Innovation Process and the Principal Importance of Axiomatic Design
  • F-Granular Design Information Based Information Axiom
  • Axiomatic Design for the Development of Enterprise Level E-Commerce Strategies
  • An Implementation Methodology for Transition from Traditional Manufacturing to Cellular Manufacturing Using Axiomatic Design
  • The Validation of a Modular Commercial Product Architecture
  • System Design Process Integration of Cable-Drive Glass Guidance System using Axiomatic Design
  • Product Standardization using Axiomatic Design
  • A Decision Framework for Integrated Synchronized Development of High Tech Products
  • A Framework for Decision Making in Construction - Based on Axiomatic Design
  • The Effects of Coupling on Parameter Design
  • Design Fault Prevention through Active Use of Database
  • Axiomatic Design of a Beam Adjuster for a Laser Maker
  • Robust Design of the Vibratory Gyroscope with Unbalanced Inner Torsion Gimbal using Axiomatic Design
  • Enhancing Robust Design with the Aid of TRIZ and Axiomatic Design (Part I)
  • Enhancing Robust Design with the Aid of TRIZ and Axiomatic Design (Part II)

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