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ICAD 2006

  • Application of Axiomatic Design to Engineering Collaboration and Negotiation
  • Amending Axiom II to Achieve a Six Sigma Design
  • A new management process to analyse the automotive components' complaints through DMADV
  • Decoupling Process of a Coupled Design using Triz Modules
  • Complexity of Nanomanufacturing
  • Design and optimization of a facility Layout problem in Virtual Environment
  • A framework for lean logistics based on Axiomatic Design
  • A unifying statistical approach for the recognition of invariant product shapes
  • Axiomatic Design of Production Module Templates
  • The Physics, Principles and Psychology of System Design
  • Axiomatic Design & QFD: a case study of a reverse engineering system for cutting tools
  • Understanding the Value of Eliminating an Off-diagonal Term in a Design Matrix
  • Integrating Axiomatic Design into a Design For Six Sigma Deployment
  • Assessment of the respective benefits of 'Axiomatic Design' and 'New Products Design Method' forthe design of a Biomechanical Simulator
  • Kinds of Coupling and Approaches to Deal with Them
  • Fusion of Belief in Axiomatic Design
  • Axiomatic Framework applied to Industrial Design Problem formulated by Para-complete logics approach: the power of decoupling on Optimization-Problem solving
  • Product Design, a Methodology based on Axiomatic and Strategic Approach
  • Evaluating Functional Commonality of System Use-Case Scenarios - Case study: Planetary landing attenuation system
  • Coupled, Profound, and Superficial Guidelines/Heuristics - An Industry Review
  • The Morphologial Matrix: a Tool to Develop Innovative Solutions
  • Pneumatic suspension system with independent control of damping, stiffness and ride-height
  • Design of Micro Direct Methanol Fuel Cell by Axiomatic Design
  • The Importance of Industrial Design in the Consumer Goods Analysis
  • Axiomatic design based analysis of articles on unmarketable commodities
  • Stochastic design improvement of a stiffened flat panel
  • Design of a Prototype of Servo Hydraulic Multiaxial Testing Machine for Specimens, Structural Elements and Structures
  • Presenting an expert system for evaluation of loan decisions risk, based on axiomatic design
  • A Use Case Based Object-Oriented Software Design Approach using the Axiomatic Design Theory
  • Axiomatic Design of Shop Floor Programming Software
  • Application of design process in mechanics to software design
  • Applying Axiomatic Design to supply chain management
  • Improvement of Carriers for Semiconductor Device Test Handler Using Axiomatic Design
  • Axiomatic Design of the Occupant Protection System
  • Application of Axiomatic Design Theory in Electrical Engineering
  • Validation Of Product Redesign By Integrating Functional Reasoning And Axiomatic Design
  • Axiomatic Design of Non-Wetting Hemocompatible Surfaces
  • Innovative procedure for the analysis of reliability data from time censored samples
  • Impact of Functional Coupling in Achieving Reliability: Extrinsic and Inherent Reliability
  • Reducing Complexity in Fresh Air Systems
  • Influence of variations in the stiffness of bearings in high power steam turbines
  • Transmission Loss assessment for an air induction system by BEM approach
  • FE analysis of stability and collapse of double corrugated boards
  • A new integrated approach to the design of a race car suspension
  • New language and mathematical background supporting geometrical product specifications
  • Optimizing Life Cycle Issues Using Axiomatic Design
  • Keys to success for six sigma
  • Industry Case Study: Automated Material Handling System Design for TFT-LCD Production Lines using Axiomatic Design
  • The Role of Axiomatic Design in Business Innovation and Lean Product Development

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