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ICAD 2009

  • Systematic Human-Safety Analysis Approach Based on Axiomatic Design Principles
  • Reducing the Time Dependent Complexity in Organizational Systems Using the Concept of Functional Periodicity
  • Integration of the Contact and Channel Model with Axiomatic Design
  • From Customer Needs to Design Parameters: Description of a Knowledge Based and Functionnal CAD Model
  • An Axiomatic Design for Modeling Biological Systems
  • Introducing a Road-Map to Implement the Universal Manufacturing Platform Using the Methodology of Axiomatic Design
  • Emergence of Coupled and Complex Failures in Mature Japanese Industries
  • Decoupling (Un)loading Operations from the Land-Sea Interface in Port Service: The Mobile Floating Port Concept
  • Analysis of a Mount Type HVAC Control System Using Axiomatic Design
  • Decomposition Process of Engineering Systems Using Axiomatic Design and Design Structure Matrix
  • The Ideas Diagram in Creative Design
  • Development of a Tailored Tool for the Optimization of the Surgery Sessions
  • Applying Axiomatic Design to the Educational Process
  • Axiomatic Design as a Means to Find Contradiction in an Integrated Approach for Product Design
  • The Minimum Constraint Design and the First Axiom
  • Business Process Analysis and Reengineering of Administrative Processes using Axiomatic Design: Theory and Case Study from the University of Firenze
  • The application of Axiomatic Design Theory and Conflict Techniques for the Design of Intersections: Part 1
  • The application of Axiomatic Design Theory and Conflict Techniques for the Design of Intersections: Part 2
  • A New AD/MDO Approach to Support Product Design
  • Teaching Axiomatic Design in the Freshman Year: A Case Study at KAIST
  • Learning the Fundamentals of Design Through the Axiomatic Design Process: A Case Study on ED100 at KAIST
  • The Application of Axiomatic Design Theory on a Cell Phone Interface for Location-Based Bus Application
  • Lessons Learned by Applying Axiomatic Design to an Emergency Department
  • Bio-Mimetic Articulated Mobile Robot Overcoming Stairs by Using a Slinky Moving Mechanism
  • Design Against the Coupled Nature of PZT Spin Coating
  • Capacitive Deionization Process with Decoupled Charging and Discharging Flow Schemes
  • Optimization of a Thermoforming Process for Automotive Dashboards
  • An Axiomatic Design Approach For the Cost Optimisation of Industrial Coupled Designs: a Case Study
  • An Energy Efficiency Framework for the Design of HVAC Systems
  • Design and Deployment of Axiomatic Design

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