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ICAD 2011

  • A Logic-Based Foundation of Axiomatic Design
  • Axiomatic Modular System Design for Service-Oriented Products
  • Extended Algorithm For Design-Matrix Reorganization
  • Solution for Coupled Design in Axiomatic Design Using the Ldu Method
  • Repeatability in Design Science
  • Process Optimization Using a New Concept for Process Coupling
  • Decomposition and Prioritization in Engineering Design
  • A Superb Industrial Design Has Special FRs or DPs That Go Beyond the Customer's Imagination
  • Defining Safety Objectives During Product Design
  • Application of Axiomatic Design for Engineering Problem Solving and Design Using Mechanism-Based Solution Design: Part 1
  • Application of Axiomatic Design for Engineering Problem Solving and Design Using Mechanism-Based Solution Design: Part 2
  • On the Use of Axiomatic Design for Eco-Design
  • Axiomatic Design for the Development of Eco-Sustainable Metaproducts
  • Axiomatic Design of an Airport Passenger Terminal
  • Quantifying the Impact of Coupling in Axiomatic Design: Calculating the Coupling Impact Index for Traffic Intersections
  • Designing the Design of New Businesses for Raising Venture Capital
  • Designing the Sales Process in Retail Shops by Axiomatic Design Principles
  • From Market to Market - Extension of Axiomatic Design to a Holistic Innovation Management Approach
  • Modular Design Method Using the Independence Axiom and Design Structure Matrix in the Conceptual and Detailed Design Stage
  • Managing Intra-Class Complexity with Axiomatic Design and Design Structure Matrix Approaches
  • Tolerance Synthesis Using Axiomatic Design
  • Analysis of Scheduled Engineering Design
  • Axiomatic Design in Pharmaceutical Process Development: "Quality by Design"
  • Scheduling Pre-Admission Testing a Case Study on Reducing Complexity in Healthcare Delivery
  • Axiomatic-Design Approach to the Main-Bearing Configuration of a Jet Engine with Several Shafts
  • Axiomatic System Design for Non-Thermal Dicing of Quartz Wafers
  • Axiomatic Design of an Impact Resistance System for LNG Containment Ships
  • Teaching Students the Basics of Designing Experimental Research Equipment
  • Teaching Axiomatic Design to Students and Practitioners

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