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ICAD 2013

  • An Ad Based Design and Implementation Approach for Franchise-Networks with Distributed Manufacturing Units
  • Design Improvement of Hybrid Composite Joints by Axiomatic Design
  • Value-Based Axiomatic Decomposition (Part I): Theory and Development of the Proposed Method
  • Value-Based Axiomatic Decomposition (Part II): Case Study
  • An Axiomatic Approach to Managing the Information Content in QFD: Applications in Material Selection
  • Decision Criteria for the Design of HVAC Systems for Datacom Centres Based On Cost and Losses Due To the Failure of Components
  • Design Parameter Selection for Rectangular Design Matrices
  • A Constraint Optimization Perspective on Axiomatic Design
  • Axiomatic Design and Implementation of Service-Oriented University Classes: Emotions and Senses
  • Knowledge Services in Campus: The Application of Axiomatic Design
  • Axiomatic Design Based Volatility Assessment of the Abu Dhabi Healthcare Labor Market: Part I - Theory
  • Axiomatic Design Based Volatility Assessment of the Abu Dhabi Healthcare Labor Market: Part II - Case Study
  • Using Creative Resources in Applying Axiomatic Design
  • The Vacuum Cleaner as a Case Study for Teaching Conceptual Design
  • Lessons Learned From Teaching Axiomatic Design in Engineering Design Courses
  • A Classification of Procedural Errors in the Definition of Functional Requirements in Axiomatic Design Theory
  • Axiomatic Design Aspect of the Fukushima-1 Accident: Electrical Control Interferes With All Mechanical Functions
  • Failure Mode Analysis as an Implementation of Axiom 2 in the Axiomatic Design Functional Decomposition Process
  • Toward Design for Safety Part 1: Functional Reverse Engineering Driven By Axiomatic Design
  • Toward Design for Safety Part 2: Functional Re-Engineering Using Axiomatic Design and FMEA
  • An Axiomatic Design Approach to Passenger Itinerary Enumeration in Reconfigurable Transportation Systems
  • An Axiomatic Design Based Approach for the Conceptual Design of Temporary Modular Housing
  • Application of the Axiomatic Design Approach to the Design of Architectural Systems: A Literature Review
  • The Design of an Interoperable Self-Supported Reverse Logistics Management System
  • Axiomatic Design as a Creative Innovation Tool Applied To Mold Design
  • Enhancement of the Systems Engineering Process in the Life Cycle with Axiomatic Design
  • A Method for Indexing Axiomatic Independence Applied To Reconfigurable Manufacturing Systems
  • The Application of Sequence Enumeration to the Axiomatic Design Process
  • Axiomatic Design of Production Systems for Operational Excellence
  • A Comparative Study of Decompositions in Axiomatic Design Applied To Safety of the Anterior Cruciate Ligament in Alpine Skiing
  • Total Productive Maintenance Implementation Procedures in Manufacturing Organizations Using Axiomatic Design Principles

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