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ICAD 2014

  • Axiomatic Design Approach to the Design of a Device for Wire Electrical Discharge Machining
  • Where Is the ‘Why’ in Axiomatic Design?
  • Extroverted, Non-Verbal, and Pseudo-Discomforting Stimulators for Recognizing Design Targets
  • Size Uniforming Process of Minute Spheres Based On Axiomatic Design
  • Axiomatic Design Approach for The Conceptual Design Of Sustainable Buildings
  • Application of Axiomatic Design to Electric Bicycles
  • Axiomatic Design Principles in Teaching Manufacturing Technology Design - Preliminary Approach
  • Axiomatic Design and Design Structure Matrix Measures for Reconfigurability & Its Key Characteristics in Automated Manufacturing Systems
  • A Review on Information in Design
  • Conceptual Design Evaluation of Different Friction Devices Through the Use of Axiomatic Design
  • An Integrated Qfd and Axiomatic Design Methodology for the Satisfaction of Temporary Housing Stakeholders
  • An Axiomatic Design Standpoint of Socio-Political Models for Sustainable Governance
  • Adaptive Tolerance Allocation to Adjust the Sigma Level through Minimization of the Information Content
  • Business Interoperability: Dyadic Supply Chain Process Decomposition Using Axiomatic Design
  • Axiomatic Design Model to Assess Influences Affecting Pedagogic-Learning in the Courses Engineering Materials I and Fluid Mechanics I (Part 1)
  • Axiomatic Design Model to Assess Influences Affecting Pedagogic-Learning in the Courses Engineering Materials I and Fluid Mechanics I (Part 2)
  • A Theory of Maturity
  • Six Sigma Roadmaps and the Degrees Of Innovation – An Explanation Based On the Axiomatic Design Theory
  • Methodological Contradictions Solved By the Linearity Theorem: The Vacuum Cleaner as a Case Study
  • Axiomatic Design as a Consultancy Tool in Product Design
  • An Axiomatic Design Based Approach on Analysis of Alternative Route(S) to the Congested Mendana Highway of Solomon Islands
  • Axiomatic Design of Manufacturing Processes Considering Coupling
  • An Axiomatic Design of a Multi-Agent Reconfigurable Manufacturing System Architecture
  • An Ad Optimized Method for the Structural Analysis of Pressure Vessels
  • Design of Thermally Stabile 2d Photonic Crystals for Thermophotovoltaic Systems
  • Coupling and Complexity in Additive Manufacturing Processes
  • Axiomatic Design of a Drop on Demand Deposition Process for Sol-Gel Pzt
  • Axiomatic Design of an Improved Egg Carton Manufacturing Process

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