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ICAD 2015

  • Axiomatic Design and TRIZ: Deficiencies of their Integrated Use and Future Opportunities
  • On the Computation of the Information Content of a Coupled Design with Two Functional Requirements
  • Physical Quantity Vocabulary for Functional Representation
  • The Quality of a Design will not Exceed the Knowledge of its Designer; an Analysis Based on Axiomatic Information and the Cynefin Framework
  • Theory of Practices as a Means to Uncover the Customer Needs
  • Using Functional Metrics to Facilitate Designing Collectively Exhaustive Mutually Exclusive Systems in the Context of Managing Return on Investment
  • A Procedure Based on Robust Design to Orient towards Reduction of Information Content
  • Robust Decision Making for Agile Systems Development Part 1: Exploring the Paradigm
  • Robust Decision Making for Agile Systems Development Part 2: A Decomposition and Analysis
  • Design Progress of the DEMO Divertor Locking System According to IPADeP Methodology
  • Storing and Retrieving Design Solution in the Physical Domain Based on DFX Tools and Morphological Analysis
  • A Statistical Solution to Mitigate Functional Requirements Coupling Generated from Process (Manufacturing) Variables Integration-part I
  • A Statistical Solution to Mitigate Functional Requirements Coupling Generated from Process (Manufacturing) Variables Integration-part 2: A Case Study on Clarifying the Effect of Process (Manufacturing) Variables Integration on Functional Requirements Independency
  • Systematic Design of SME Manufacturing and Assembly Systems Based on Axiomatic Design
  • Using Axiomatic Design and Entropy to Measure Complexity in Mass Customization
  • Design of Changeable Production Units within the Automotive Sector with Axiomatic Design
  • Re-design of an Interoperable Buyer-seller Automotive Relationship Aided by Computer Simulation
  • Axiomatic Design to Improve PRM Airport Assistance
  • Axiomatic Design Based Guidelines for the Design of a Lean Product Development Process
  • Conceptual Design of a Decision Support System for the Economic Sustainability of Nonprofit Organizations
  • Dynamic Axiomatic Design (DAD): Applying the Independence Axiom in the Design of Social Systems
  • Heat-activated Parachute Release System
  • Reality and Illusion in Virtual Studios: Axiomatic Design Applied to Television Recording
  • Design Decomposition for Selecting an Electric arc Furnace Off-gas System for SDI Butler Flat Roll Division
  • An Axiomatic Design Approach for a Motorcycle Steering Damper
  • Low-cost Spectrometer for Icelandic Chemistry Education
  • Improvement of the Test Equipment for a Stress Corrosion Lab through the Axiomatic Design
  • Ultrasonic Gasoline Evaporation Transducer - Reduction of Internal Combustion Engine Fuel Consumption using Axiomatic Design
  • Configuration a Meter Data Management System using Axiomatic Design
  • Investigation on Optimal Mobility System using Axiomatic Design and Scoring Matrix: the “Drive Ability” Experiment
  • A First Approach to Solar Aviation with the Use of Axiomatic Design
  • A Preliminary Check of the Refurbishing Large Office Buildings to a Zero Energy Condition
  • Addressing the Adaptive Customization of Timber Prefabricated Housing through Axiomatic Design
  • Redesigning a Manufacturing System Based on Functional Independence: The Case of a Tree Nursery
  • Momentary Local Laser Heating in Thermal Roll-to-Plate Nanoimprinting; Node Decoupling with Axiomatic Design
  • Design of An Active Workpiece Holder
  • Design of Test Parts to Characterize Micro Additive Manufacturing Processes
  • Generalized Requirements and Decompositions For the Design of Test Parts for Micro Additive Manufacturing Research
  • Systematic Design Method for Bonded Repair Based on Axiomatic Design Methodology
  • Analysis of an E-learning Platform use by Means of the Axiomatic Design
  • Development of a Custom Software for Processing the Stress Corrosion Experimental Data through Axiomatic Design
  • Integration of Holistic Non-conformities Management and Axiomatic Design: A Case Study in Italian Income Tax Returns Management
  • Applying the V Model and Axiomatic Design in the Domain of IT Architecture Practice
  • Axiomatic Design/Design Patterns Mashup: Part 1 (Theory)
  • Axiomatic Design/Design Patterns Mashup: Part 2 (Cyber Security)

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