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Technical Papers

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Industrial Applications

  • Improving Products and Systems By Combining Axiomatic Design, Quality Control-Tools and Designed Experiments
  • Using Axiomatic Approach For Development of New Concept Design and

  • Axiomatic Redesign of Guide Flexures: Improving Product Reliability and Reducing Manufacturing Cost
  • Growth of Axiomatic Design through Industrial Practice
  • Supply Chain Design: An Application of Axiomatic Design
  • Conceptual Design of Lean Production Systems Through An Axiomatic Design Approach
  • System Definition for Axiomatic Design Aided by Object-Process Methodology
  • Axiomatic Design of Chaotic Components of Surface Textures
  • Axiomatic Design of the Injection Molding Process
  • A Synchronous Algorithm to Reduce Complexity in Wafer Flow
  • Axiomatic Design of a Wing Driving Mechanism for Micro Air Vehicle With Flapping Motion
  • The Analysis, Comparison, and Redesign of Cd-Case Using the Principles of Axiomatic Design
  • Axiomatic Approach for Stress Relaxation in Automotive Multi-Shell-Structures
  • Axiomatic Design Quality Engineering - A Transmission Planetary Case Study
  • Axiomatic Design of the Hybrid Composite Journal Bearing
  • On Foaming Process of Vulcanized Rubber Using Physical Blowing Agent
  • Axiomatic Design of Multi-Scale Systems
  • Case Study: Axiomatic Design of the Space Shuttle Wing - Leading Edge
  • Design for Micro-Stereolithography Using Axiomatic Approach
  • Design Improvement in a Micro-Gripper System by Axiomatic Approach
  • A Rational Way to Select a Measuring System for Mechanical Parts Inspection
  • Improving the Acoustics in a Historic Building Using Axiomatic Design and TRIZ
  • A Product Design Approach to Developing Design Controls

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