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Technical Papers

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Design and Development Process

  • Assess Design Alternatives With Axiomatic Design
  • Axiomatic Product Development Lifecycle
  • An Information Framework for Engineering Design based on Axiomatic Design
  • A Design Process Roadmap as a General Tool for Structuring and Supporting Design Activities
  • Axiomatic Design - Advances and Applications (Chapter 5 - Axiomatic Design Software)
  • Axiomatic Design of Software Systems
  • Thoughts on the Use of Axiomatic Design Within the Product Development Process
  • Improving an Existing Design Based on Axiomatic Design Principles
  • Beyond the Hierarchy: System-Wide Rearrangement as a Tool to Eliminate Iteration
  • The Innovation Process and the Principal Importance of Axiomatic Design
  • Application of Axiomatic Design in Operational Development
  • Implementing Axiomatic Design in the Systems Engineering Process: An Axiomatic Design Capability Maturity Model
  • The Application of Axiomatic Design to the Design of the Product Development Organization
  • Strategic Planning Based on Axiomatic Design
  • A Systematic Approach for Decision Making in a Concurrent Engineering Environment
  • Connecting Customers in Axiomatic Design
  • A suggestion and a contribution for the improvement of Axiomatic Design
  • The Method for Uncoupling Design by Contradiction Matrix of Triz, and Case Study
  • Developing a Formal Usability Analysis Method for Consumer Products
  • Development of Systemic Quality Management Model Using the Axiomatic Design Framework
  • Design Decoupling Method Based on Para-Complete Logics
  • A Product Design Approach to Developing Design Controls

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