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Functional requirement analysis and risk mitigation process uses an Axiomatic Design technology framework to improve the quality and performance of complex system and product development. Axiomatic Design provides a systematic and logical methodology for deriving, documenting and optimizing designs. Real and imaginary system complexity is identified and traditional wasteful design-build-test-redesign cycles are avoided. Design architectures resulting from axiomatic analysis provide frameworks for implementation planning, risk assessment, risk mitigation and robust design analysis.

In the words of Professor Nam Suh of MIT, where this process was developed: "Axiomatic design methods work to make design more creative, reduce the random solution search process, minimize iterative trial-and-error processes and determine the best design among those proposed."

Used by individuals as well as Fortune 100 development teams, these processes bring value to development organizations in diverse industries including software, business processes, automotive, aerospace, semiconductor, medical, government and consumer products.

Many companies use these principles to structure their design processes, engineering schools are teaching axiomatic design processes worldwide, and the technology has won numberous awards.

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