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Introduction to Axiomatic Design (1 Day Workshop)

Course Description

Intended for: General staff

Purpose of course: To introduce the axiomatic design process and train staff on applying the major concepts.

Pricing: $495/person

Course Outline

  • The conceptual design problem

  • A quality framework for the design process

  • Requirements management
        The importance of requirements capture
        Voice of the Customer

  • Solution decomposition
        Requirements decomposition
        Developing constraints
        Linking requirements

  • Integrating with other DFSS Tools
        Applying QFD
        Using TRIZ
        DMAIC cycles in the axiomatic process

  • Analyzing coupling with design matrices
        What is functional coupling
        Design Matrices
        Analyzing coupling

  • Robust engineering and design
        Information content
        Applying robust engineering

  • Examples

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